by Tom Donolon

informal lump detection, lumpectomy
pseudolumps, calcifications
dense breasts, nipple discharge
inverted nipples, aspirate
chronic subareolar abscess
intraductal papilloma
atypical lobular hyperplasia
sentinel node biopsy, positive nodes
ductal carcinoma in situ
invasive cancer
intracystic papillary carcinoma
malignant, melanoma
skin-sparing mastectomy
axillary lymph node dissection
drains, fluid collecting
chemotherapy-induced nausea
hair loss, dopamine antagonists
breast reconstruction
latissimus flap with silicone implant
reversible menopause, hormone therapy
radiation, skin burn, rib fractures
balloon-delivered intracavitary brachytherapy
neuropathy, metastasis
recurrence, remission
patient’s right to know
quality of life, hospice
core biopsy of fibroadenoma
benign, yes, benign

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