fox paws

by Michael Casey


people my age  many of them
we’re all getting knee replacements and
hip replacements
and I saw my cousin George hobbling
and someone said he had an operation
so what was I going to think
he’s walking hurt
and what else could it be
I asked was it the right or the left knee?
and he said a vasectomy
and he elaborated
more than I wanted to know
and what could I say in retort
I told him
on a business trip to Austin
I saw at the airport a huge
billboard sign
an ad
for vasectomy reversals
how is he going to react?
I don’t think he thought
it informative or amusing or even helpful
and you know what
maybe I should have kept quiet

Michael Casey’s latest book, There It Is, was published by the Loom Press of Lowell, Massachusetts in 2017.

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