by Dianne Silvestri


Don’t forget when I die
to replace my voice with yours
on the answering machine.

Remember the penciled page
from before my surgery
that lists all important numbers.

No need to hang onto any
of the clothes crowding my closet,
shoe shelves, and dresser drawers.

It’s okay if no one peruses
my binders, journals, and files
before discarding them.

You’ll find our best recipes
in sleeves in the teal binder
or on cards in the small oak box.

Please take the gourmet cooking classes
you always said you wanted,
but if you resume dance lessons,
please miss me…a little.


Dianne Silvestri, poet and physician, is author of the chapbook Necessary Sentiments. Her poems have appeared in journals such as The Main Street Rag, Earth’s Daughters, The Comstock Review, Evening Street Review, Pulse, The Healing Muse, Families, Systems, & Health, Bloodletters Literary Magazine, Blood and Thunder, and Touch: The Journal of Healing, as well as anthologies. She holds degrees from Butler University and Indiana University School of Medicine, and is Copy-Editor for the journal Dermatitis.

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