Leaving the Body – “Leaving” Contest Winner

by Lisa Knopp

A woman enters the room and sits a basin of water on the bedside table. “I’m here to get your mother ready for the people who are coming to pick her up soon,” she says softly. My brothers and sister-in-law excuse themselves and head to the family lounge. I linger.

Hospital Drive Anthology – 2016

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Film Noir – Contest Finalist

by Laura Foley Film Noir In Paris with my professor, and his shy teenage son, not much younger than I, whose presence I try to fence from my awareness. Our apartment’s an atelier, our courtyard shad...
historical photo of an iron lung

Historical Archive

Introduction to the historical archive- Each issue of Hospital Drive features an online exhibit of the Historical Archive of the University of Virginia Health Science Library.  Follow this link http://exhibi...