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zen garden green grass raked stones and trees

The Japanese Tea Garden

Look into the world of the woman in the Japanese Tea Garden and you will see… The girl so young she needn’t wear a blouse, looking out to where the shore is rumor. The biggest doll a pretty young wo...
extreme close up of microphone

At the Microscope

Alone for now my brain, which includes my mind, Sends eager tendrils to my pressing eye, To scan as the paramecium slides Along the slide, it tightens my eyelash, Also rimmed with cilia, though not the kind...
sky that is red though clouds at a dark sunset

In the Dark

My blood searches my skin, pining for air, Beating in time on the thickening walls, Evading the clock the body has set, Bounding from the heart like a summoned friend. (I think I am quiet, there are times...