Hospital Drive is online, but we still think of it as a magazine with a beginning, middle, and end.  Like the lives our writers and artists depict.  We still present it as a new issue.  We assemble content over 4-5 months, looking for about 60 pages of poems, stories, essays, and images.  We used to organize that content front to back, looking for some balance.  Some stories need to be followed by a photograph of a sunrise.  Some poems need a few rhymes or wordplay or a joke.  Some essays need to be grim, others are serious in a light hearted way.  The ideal reader would examine each issue, page by digitized page.  Aside from the editorial staff, there are no ideal readers.  We have viewers.  Most viewers take a peek at what we have to offer.  Most viewers are looking for their own work, or their friends’ work, their colleagues’ or neighbors’ or relatives’.  Their real friend or Facebook friend.  The new look of Hospital Drive invites viewers to go anywhere they’d like.  They can skip the poetry or the prose.  They can skip the words and go straight for the images.  They can start in the present and go to the past.  Or they can just stay at the website and enjoy the slide show.  They can also share what they see or read with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

The new look comes with new staff.  I’d like to thank, “in print,” the creative, friendly, industrious web design team for the UVA School of Medicine: Ray Nedzel and Cathy Derecki.  Without them Hospital Drive would be a much more labor intensive labor of love.

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