After A. Van Jordan

hot′ flash n.  [1905-1910]  1. A state of deliquescence, meltdown, as in waking molten, in a pool, rat-tails dripping round your neck, nightgown drenched.  2. A brief news dispatch or bulletin, as when the ovaries telegraph that estrogen is running low.  3. A brief period during which something is visible, as in, oneself, aging, on the cusp, as in inescapable, as in, odd, so this is it.  4. A sudden access of feeling or knowledge, as when padding downstairs naked you find the thermostat at fifty-five.  5. A rite of passage, as if all the heats of your life, the old flames, were randomly rekindling.  6. Fireworks, as in biting someone’s head off, suffused with rage potent and flammable enough to fuel a jet.  7. A sudden movement of liquid, as in flash-flood, as in blood filling every capillary in the skin, which flushes, incandescent, as if under limelight. And the other blood that rushes from a weir when you stand up, first days, not too much longer.  8. To exhibit or expose (especially the genitals) briefly or indecently, exposed as female, flawed. As in flash burn. Flashpoint. Flash bulb.


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