My thumb nail’s cracked.
The left one. Split
down the middle, a ragged
fault-line headed for
the cuticle. The manicurist says
it will never heal.
The root, she says, is damaged.
Some kind of trauma, probably.
Her tone of voice is matter of fact.
C’est la vie.
But not to worry – she
can clip. Snip. Nip the splinters.
Fill the cracks with liquid silk,
paint them,
buff them,
polish them.
She specializes in
the art of camouflage.
No big deal.
No one will notice.
But once the root’s been ruined,
it’s been ruined.
Finished. Damaged goods.
How, exactly, did it happen?
Who knows.
Doesn’t matter.
No one has ever
found a way to make it
good as new. For now
this treatment will have to do.

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