Calculate mattress undulations 5:00 am, upstairs. Meiosis in her fallopian tube shortly after, determined by timing of ovulation, not coitus. What is the susceptibility gene? Pocket watch reflected in the mirror.  Sun waking roses climbing wall paper. Green vines, green dresser.  Daddy’s tie on the spindle.  Timing of genetic mutation unknown. Cerebral palsy in swaddling clothes.  Stiff legs.  Contractures.  Rule out difficult birth did the damage.  Make a down payment to track the DNA.  Gather blame. Wedding portrait long white train arranged down the altar steps.



By the time the toddler can make a tower, she can’t hear colors collapse in mayhem. The zygote plays with building blocks. Transgression.  No hearing loss in either family.  Matching mommy daddy mutant genes? Pay the detectives double to trace the gene sequence.  One-in-four odds of expression. Shiny varnish on the bathroom wall wainscoting. Newlyweds home for lunch.  Haploid gametes fuse within 48 hours.  Baby layette knitted in Ireland drying on a rope hung from pipe to door frame.   A baby to wear it in nine months, but total silence for, “cutie pituttie,” “white ribbon,” sweet smooch. Check the insurance policy. Suppression.  It’ll take months to identify whether red, blue or green block was first to fall.  Read mommy’s lips for a while.

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