Chain Saw

The sound has no place by the beach.
If air must drone, let it be the cicadas’ moaning

over their predestined lives, bees’ relentless
labor for an ungrateful queen. Still it’s a relief

to stretch out on the lawn, a whooshing hose keeping
the green world green, watching deer graze

in a sunlit patch at the edge of the woods
behind this rented house, surgeons’ slashes

of the past year nearly forgotten, like names
carved decades ago on this breathing tree.



Maria Terrone is the author of the poetry collections Eye to Eye (Bordighera Press); A Secret Room in Fall (McGovern Prize, Ashland Poetry Press) and The Bodies We Were Loaned (The Word Works), and a chapbook, American Gothic, Take 2. Her work, which has been published in French and Farsi and nominated four times for a Pushcart Prize, has appeared in magazines including Poetry, Ploughshares and The Hudson Review and in more than 25 anthologies. In 2015 she became poetry editor of the journal Italian Americana.


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