Darkness printable

by Gayle Schiller


Get it, got it, good
He’d say
In his firmest tone
With Irish sparkle in his eyes
Feigning sternness really
He meant it but not in a scary way
This after a short reprimand about
Saying please or thank you or
Your basic manners stuff that stays
With you for a whole lifetime
Best kind is when you don’t remember
Doing it wrong or forgetting it
Just somehow knowing it was
The right thing from that day forward

I am starting to think my dad
With his year-long sleeps on the couch
It seemed
Fighting the demons of depression
By day and the
Cruelties of anxiety and mania
Also by day
With his apnea-laced
Naps and weeks of insomnia
His decades of unemployed
And overeducated underachievement
Yea (don’t say yea, say yes)
Yes, I’m starting to think that man
Might have been the
Best dad who ever walked this earth
I get to say that now
Those get-got-goods, please
Thank you, Little Miss Impossible
Gersh, Toog
Queen of the Schmoogs
Goose, words of gold
Showing me a shortcut over the top
While he took the longest way through


Gayle Schiller works in the education field in New Jersey, and is a member of the SAG-AFTRA performers union. She is a volunteer for Comfort Zone Camps and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

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