Did you think you could forget how

by Joanna White


*to whisper *canter the mare across the field *balance

one thin dime *swim to the raft at the brink

of the harbor *float in salt and sea *drink from a glass *play

the flute *speak in French *eat *make me laugh *find the key

to the window of my eye *roll down the hill *open

the door *close the wound *leap across

the tail of the stream *solve the puzzle *twist and bend and swing

*trace a silhouette *rhyme the words *smile *ride

a backwards bicycle * inch your way to the front of the crowd *coax

a tone *dial a phone *count the poems *tie

a knot *untie your shoe *drink *hum *go *come *find the answer

in a drawer *watch the kitten chase the fly *catch a ball

and throw it back *act *spell my name *win *fail *recall my face *hear

the reason *fix a mistake *cut with scissors *draw

me near *kiss *sing a tune *wonder *ponder *exit

the maze *glue it when it comes undone *stop *cross

the bridge when it comes to you *speak your mind *ride

a bird *learn *turn *release the fear from its mooring?

Joanna White has works published in The Examined Life Journal, Ars Medica, Healing Muse, Abaton, American Journal of Nursing, The Intima, Earth’s Daughters, Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, MacGuffin, Cape Rock, Chariton Review, Pulse, Temenos, Measure, Naugatuck River Review as a finalist in their poetry contest, and in the Poetry and Medicine column of JAMA. She gives poetry readings at conferences (including a full-session reading at the 2016 Examined Life Conference at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine) and performs and records as an orchestral and chamber music flutist.

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