Observations During Chemo

by Kathryn Eberly



Funny as hell the two brothers

taking a sex quiz and asking

each other questions a few

feet away from me,

we were all sitting in the lounge.

Our arms hooked up,

our recliners in position

and there they were

laughing in between

bitching and not feeling well

as if they were alone and

they were in a way

but it was awfully intimate

me there listening

and grateful to feel

their love unfettered unchecked

trickling through the room.


And then there was of course

the friend who was knitting

a very vibrant scarf knitting diligently

by the side of the pump

standing by old old friend

never wavering.


A young mom

exhausted and happy as

she threw herself into the chair

and slept and slept

as everyone gave her

some peace and quiet

and well wishes as

she slept on.


But best of all

I liked listening

to the nurses laughter

so lightly

carrying us

all through it.


Kathryn Eberly is a poet and former eligibility worker in San Francisco. After living in the Bay Area for many years she is now a transplant to Bangor Maine.


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