Safe & Warm

by Jared Pearce

The cat was having
kittens, so we made her
a box, near the running
dryer, stuffed with towels,
clean and comfortable,
some milk and water,
some darkness.

The kittens were smashing
themselves against her
belly, aching and hungry,
and in her bowels
the cat steady and stable,
though torn with weakness.

They were born mewing
their ways toward her
side, returning
to her low growl,
her body laid like a table.
They would go no further
and take no less.

And I wanted pawing
into that living room where
her love would be heaving
for my return, understanding all
my hunger, my unable
aches, and the wonder where
my weakness gives her rest.

Some of Jared Pearce’s poems have recently been or will soon be shared in J Journal, Linden Avenue, DIAGRAM, MUSE, and Life & Legends.  He lives in Iowa.

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